We cover all of the essential BBQ staples, from beef brisket to banana pudding. Catering is our passion but we also operate a food truck when the event is right for us. Look for us around the Spokane area, or call to have us cater your special event. All of our prices are a per person price. You just add up all of your menu items and multiply by the number of guests you are expecting. To deliver the food we charge a 10% fee. To set up our chaffing dishes and render our onsite services is a 20% fee.


The Meat

Beef Brisket- $6.00 (As seen on Triple D!)
—Our beef brisket is injected with a heavenly mixture of butter and beer before being rubbed down and smoked for 14 hours. This brisket is truly an experience for the BBQ connoisseur. Our most popular item!

Pulled Pork- $5.00
—Pork Shoulder rubbed down and smoked until it falls apart. A BBQ staple done with the attention to detail it deserves. A must try!

Pork Spare Ribs- $6.00 (As seen on Triple D!)
—Though our ribs are cut in the St. Louis style that is where the similarity ends. Our ribs are rubbed down and smoked for about 5 hours, half way through the cooking process we start basting our ribs with a magical elixir of honey and butter that takes these ribs to the next level of smokey goodness.

Chicken Legs and Thighs-$5.00
—Our chicken is treated just like the ribs but they are truly an experience all their own. This chicken has a cult following!

Smoke Wings— $6.00 —Chicken wings that are dry rubbed , honey mopped, and smoked until they transcend into the Platonic ideal of a smoked chicken wing.

The Sides

—Fresh cabbage with onion, green peppers and jalapenos, finished with our vinegar based dressing. A perfect accompaniment for our pulled pork. NO MAYO!

Potato Salad-$3.00
—Traditional potato salad done the right way.

Macaroni Salad-$3.00
—Olives, green onions, and pimentos make this Mac salad a beautiful medley of colors and flavors. A perfect accompaniment for our beef brisket.

Granny’s BBQ Beans-$4.00 (As seen on Triple D) — Loaded with bacon and ground beef, these beans are a meal onto themselves. This bean recipe is straight from the family cookbook and is one of our most popular items.

Smoked Mac and Cheese-$3.00 —Our Mac and Cheese has a bit of a kick to it with our jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce. It is topped with a parmesan sharp cheddar crust that ties the whole side together. This is a crowd favorite.

Green Salad-$3.00 —A traditional green salad with your choice of two dressings.

Banana Pudding-$4.00 —Our take on a traditional southern dish; real slices of bananas and a vanilla cookie crumble topping make this a truly memorable side dish.

Home Made Cornbread-$2.00 —Part cornbread, part cake: this cornbread will change your perspective on what a piece of cornbread can be when it grows up.

Breads-$1.00 —Rolls or Buns for your brisket, pork, or simply sopping up some sides.